Top 20 Richest Musicians in Nigeria – April 2018 Forbes List

Top 20 Richest Musicians in Nigeria – April 2018 Forbes List


Before we write on top 20 Richest Musicians, have you considered Many people who spend numerous years studying for one prestigious course or the other in order  to make fortunes and wealth in life. However, there  are those who are just  ragging  their voices making noise  and  yet they are ,making millions of naira daily form their noises.

Someone will just wake up one morning and starting shakiti bobo bobo and make good money while many graduates are just busy disturbing and roaming the Street.

Besides the showbiz life, the rented things for the music videos and the exposed overrated things, and all, most musicians have quite comfortable life. And for the wise, the music career is only a form of leverage to acquire investment and to use things for alternative sources of income.

We can not conclusively come to a list of the richest artists in Nigeria, but we can confidently say that this list is pretty close. Endorsement deals are signed daily, some artists are sold by their brands, some acquire and / or lose properties, some never reveal how much they are really worth, making it difficult to compile a correct list. But if you want to have an idea of ​​Nigeria’s highest, richest artists, then the below list of top 20 richest musicians in Nigeria will give you an insider.

  1. P-square

Peter and Paul Okoye are the richest twins, not just in Africa, but in the world. Every other rich twin is on a different planet.

Out of the top 10 most viewed African music videos on YouTube, P-Square has five, so other African musicians share the remaining five.

Their net worth stands on a monstrous N15 billion.

And that’s it on the list of top 20 Richest Musicians in Nigeria 2018. Please it

The boys are rich

They are not just musicians; They are clever businessmen who do not allow family feelings to come in the way of their money. The brothers were said to had played together with Mikel Obi who is among the Highest paid Nigerian Footballer 2018

Having both perform in your event cost more than any other African artiste and they are the only Nigerian musicians who own a mansion in the billionaire neighborhood – Banana Island.

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